Recenter Yourself


Do you start the day in a calm or reactive state?
Do you end the day feeling nourished or depleted?
How about during the middle: Are you focused or scattered?
Your answer to all these questions all relate to the Center. And the truth is, when you’re not in the Center, you can’t trust yourself because you can’t connect with your instincts or true feelings.

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What to expect:
This is a healing and rejuviating energy work. We will work with color, sound and meditative therapies. The exercise includes opening of chakras and cleansing of your aura. The 1 hour appointment will include talk therapy and techniques of re- centering yourself with special focus on “tea therapy” an exercise that focuses on being in the moment.

If, throughout the day, you

  • Are Easily angered and lose your cool
  • Are reactive, checking your phone compulsively.
  • Fail to differentiate what is urgent from what’s important.
  • Feel fatigued early in the day
  • Are consumed by negative self-talk.
  • Are easily distracted, unable to focus.
  • Ruminate about the past or hold anxiety about the future.
  • Feel stuck, high-strung, and overwhelmed.Session: 1 hour; Can book in increments of 1 session

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