Feng Shui for ADHD


The basic Feng Shui principle of eliminating chaos and creating balance is the key aspect of providing a supportive environment for a child or adult with ADHD. It’s important to avoid clutter, create calming spaces to retreat to when the overload strikes, and make sure the energy flows from room to room. This package is ideal both for the person with ADHD and the family supporting the person.



ADHD is a neurological condition that is marked by mental difficulties such as impulsiveness, disorganization, easy distraction, inattention and problems focusing or completing tasks. It can also be accompanied by hyperactivity and mood swings.  Many adults have this and just chalk it up to being a disorganized person who can’t finish anything, but that’s far from the truth.

What to expect:

  • Detail assessment of health area of the house over
  • Furniture and color assessment in the room of the person
  • Breath work and CognoBallTM exercises
  • Removing stress stimulus from immediate environment

Session: 1 appointment for 2 hours


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