Mending Relationships and Finding Love


The desire for love and romance is a universal theme and Feng Shui can help you create a setting that welcomes and makes space for love and partnership physically and energetically. Whether you are single and long for the right partner, if you don’t make the room for love in your life, it won’t be able to enter your life or have any place to stay…



The Feng Shui principles of balance and harmony can be applied to your relationships outside of the bedroom as much as inside the bedroom. The themes portrayed in the home and your bedroom in particular extend to your outer life as well. Friendships, professional relationships, even casual relationships can benefit from good Feng Shui.

What to expect:

  • Assessment of the Romance section of home
  • Corrections in bedroom with furniture and color
  • Balancing the bedroom with elements
  • Determining you and your partners Kua number for balance in relationships
  • Correction with mirrors
  • Crystal therapy

But great for fixing:

  • Marital disharmony
  • Relationship struggles
  • Looking for a partner
  • Friendships and coworker relationships
  • Relationship with your kids and parents

SESSION: One appointment for 1.5 hours

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1 Session, 2 Sessions


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