Corporate Feng Shui


Enhance the look and Feng Shui of your business office space to enhance the productive “Chi”. Work performance and business health can be increased by following simple Feng Shui rules in your business office space. Balancing the space with all the 5 Feng Shui elements, getting rid of all the poison arrows and putting the furniture in command position are some of the tips to enhance the business Feng Shui, thereby leading to improved business relations, business health and overall harmony in work environment.



This Corporate business package is great for small business, retail stores and offices all up to 2500 sq ft. There is an element of design involved here which adds to the appeal along with Feng Shui. Certain changes based on your Kua number ( Date of Birth) can make a huge difference in bringing great energy to your office. Right from the look and feel of your work space to improvement in incoming wealth, this package covers it all.

Time Frame: This appointment can take upto 5-7 hours split between different days.

Best time to do this:-

  1. Strained business relationships.
  2. Legal matter settlements.
  3. To improve the flow of incoming wealth.
  4. To improve general foot fall in stores.
  5. To attract the right people and resources for business.
  6. When you are bored with the look and feel of your office.
  7. Your business is losing money.
  8. Employee turnover is high.

If any of the above is an issue with your business, it’s time to book your appointment NOW!




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