A Home that Heals


Feng shui works on the assumption that the world is driven by unseen forces. The idea behind it is to “unblock” the way, so the forces may flow freely and create balance in a space (or life). A home that is balanced, is a home that heals you every day, every week and year after year! This package ensures a peaceful, relaxed, happy and balanced home on all fronts. The difference will be powerful and apparent. The adjustments will help slow down the Energy flow and help people align their energies with their environment.

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Five “elements” of Feng Shui are: Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, and Metal. The right proportions of these energies, placed in specific regions of a space, contribute to the sense of flow and harmony. These regions are divided into nine key areas on a rectangular or octagonal grid called the Bagua map. "A home that heals" works to balance all these elements in your space. The package includes one floor of your home, additional floors can be added for $250 each.

When is the right time to do this?

Anytime, literally. Your home is a true reflection of you and you are a reflection of your home. As we evolve, so must our homes. This package helps to bring you in coherence with your home, making it harmonic, while attracting health, love and abundance.

Additional information

Additional Floors

One Floor, 2 Floors, 3 Floors, 4 Floors


  • Step by step evaluation of full home over a period of 3 appointments
  • Work on color schemes and furniture placement
  • Adjustment with an included charged crystal placement
  • Special attention to health, wellness and relationships
  • Balancing home with elements and Kua number
  • Shields the home from unwanted energies
  • Art suggestions


Purifying Ceremony: I finish your Home Healing with a Purifying
Ceremony, beginning
your new life in your new home with the freshest and purest energy
Session: 2 appointments for 1.5 hour each


  • Moving into a new home
  • Feeling uneasy and tired in your home
  • Before holidays or gatherings at home( to secure the home from evil eyes)
  • Preparing for the birth of a new child
  • Feeling of dis-ease at home