Why is my money not staying?

Why is my money not staying?

A pretty valid question! Do you often feel that the money is coming in fine but running out way faster? Sudden expenses just creep up on you? The car breakdown this week and the plumbing repair the next..oh wait, your best friend’s wedding is coming up and the rent and the insurance and the utilities….it goes on and on. Most of us fall into this cycle of losing money faster than it comes in. So what can you do to stop your wealth drainage?

Draining of your wealth is as intentional as it is real. Feeling lack all the time, begets the feeling of lack. Begin by feeling thankful for what you have and appreciate the abundance in your life, no matter how small it is. Think about your good health and be thankful for a warm home and food on your table. Appreciating the abundance in your life makes you feel worthy of receiving more and the law of attraction sets pace. You get more when you already have more ( or feel you have more). Your brain cannot distinguish between actually having more or feeling that you have more. Here are a few other things you can do to stop drainage of your money:

  1. Place a bowl of un-popped corn on your toilet tank. In Feng Shui, your toilet drains your wealth out with every flush. Keeping a bowl of un-popped corn helps absorbs the wealth before it is drained out. Since the un-popped corn CAN absorb. (Its not popped yet).
  2. The southeast corner of your home is also the “wealth” corner of your home. The color of this area is purple. Try and have purple dominate this area of your home. Lavender color on the walls, purple candles or rugs, or something as small as a picture with some purple in it will be great.
  3. Surround yourself with images and items that speak to you of the energy of abundance. Water falls can project abundance as can a picture of “Goddess Laxmi” the Hindu Goddess of wealth and abundance. You may also keep a money jar or bowl in your office area.
  4. Keep a Jade plant at the entrance of your home or near the front door. Jade attracts wealth.
  5. Feng Shui aquariums are potent cures that attract wealth and abundance. They aid several wealth attracting factors. Keeping an aquarium on the left of your front door, as you face outside, can be a wonderful adjustment.
  6. Be sure to keep all your bills out of your immediate sight. File them up and keep them away until they are paid off. And then write a big red “PAID” on them when you are done paying them off. Also try and keep your wallet as de-cluttered as possible. Keep only one or two credit cards, since they have a strong energy of “credit”.

Remember, that attracting wealth involves more than just Feng Shui adjustments. Apart from striving for wealth, have a mindset of a wealthy person. Give a little charity whenever you can or write a big check for yourself and keep it under your pillow. Even just being thankful for everything you have can accelerate the process of abundance. And be patient, things can take time. Giving up too soon will only confirm to the universe that you have lack and lack begets lack. That works against the law of attraction. Start your wealth abundance cycle today and start with FAITH!

-Kanika Babal

Why is my money not staying?

Your Lucky Colors in 2020

Your Lucky Colors in 2020

Colors are powerful expression of “LIGHT” and in many ways, too many homes and offices are starved of light. The best way to incorporate colors in Feng Shui is to bring the energy of specific Feng Shui colors to achieve the desired results.

The year of 2020 is that of the Rat, which is the first Zodiac sign from the Chinese Calendar. The main element of the Rat is ” Water” represented by Blue. Since this is the year of Metallic  Rat, “White” the color that represents “Metal” is also considered auspicious.

In Feng Shui these colors, White and Blue can be incorporated in home decor and clothing. White is also associated with business , health and social relationships. Its the color that brings peace and calmness. Wear white every time you feel overwhelmed or anxious. One way to incorporate white beautifully for your business and career growth is to have a painting or picture of snow clad mountains in your career gua. Mountains signify upward growth and progress. They signify might and abundance. Having such a picture that has a mountain and white is a potent combination for the year of the “RAT”. White is also associated with light, goodness, innocence and purity. It is called the color of perfection. As opposed to black, white has a positive connotation.

Blue is the color of trust, honesty and loyalty. It also facilitates cellular regeneration. So for this year, wearing Blue is great if you have health issues, for it increases the capacity for immune protection. Blue also allows us a sense of elevated emotions and harmony. It symbolizes dependability and security. It enhances creativity, promotes contemplation and is associated with spirituality. It would be perfect to have blue walls or decor if you are in a creative, legal or retail business.

Blue is also a great color for 2020 if you are reconsidering painting you home. This color ineffably feeds and energizes the most important part of our brain , helping us to expand our horizon of knowledge. Its also the color of “Knowledge Gua” in your home. Painting kids study rooms in blue will help them with focus and retention.

ADHD personalities will benefit a lot from wearing Blue in 2020. This  color of the metallic rat, will help calm them and give them a sense of enthusiasm. Others will simply benefit from the harmonious sense that blue brings.

Other important places where you can incorporate Blue and White colors in your space is your Kitchen. The stove signifies the element of “Fire” and blue table mats, rugs or oven mitts are a great addition to your kitchen to bring in the harmony of the Metallic Rat. Using white in dishware is both classic and helps build and mend relationships. If there is stress at home between partners, kids or elderly parents, white will help bring them together and dissolve the stress to a great degree.

As a Feng Shui consultant, I always recommend “White” for harmony n relationships, whether in business or at home, but the year of the Metallic Rat will help enhance this effect manifold.

Enjoy creating some colorful vibes both in your home and offices this new year. Influence mood, elevate good health, increase your metabolism, and enhance positive psychological reactions by bringing Blue and White into your lives this new year!

Have a blessed 2020!

– Kanika Babal

Reverse Energy Depletion

Reverse Energy Depletion

Lets start by understanding what is energy depletion? To deplete is to use up limited resources. It basically means to drain. We are not talking about draining of energy due to physical stress here, although that may contribute to it, however, here our main topic of discussion is mental drainage and one can be mentally drained even after a long restful night, or even after not having done anything laborious physically. Being energetically drained implies a reduction in our capacity to function optimally.

Each one of us, in this time and age, is going through some kind of bankruptcy in terms of mental energy. Life has become way too complicated and there is way too much to accomplish in the little time we have. Kids, home, jobs, bad jobs, people, lifestyles use up our energy resources that we forget to replenish.  Lack of energy is something that seems to plague us all as we become busier with our lives. But there is a fine line between when low energy is a result of being busy, and when it’s a sign of something more serious. Fatigue and lack of energy are oftentimes reported as symptoms of what later turns out to be a sobering health concern.

.  I mentioned in one of my posts earlier that while relaxation should be a free thing, mankind spends a fortune accessing it and finding ways to de-stress and relax. EMF has become our way of survival and in an attempt to be always connected, we are massively disconnecting, with our close ones and with ourselves. We are working like zombies. E.g a long day at work can be depleting, add to that a bad conversation with a co-worker, an argument with spouse, eating unhealthy, not working out, and eventually  resorting to drugs or alcohol to tune yourself out and numb the feelings of being incompetent. And then start the next day, with an already negative energy balance in our accounts, since we didn’t make the right choices to replenish it before starting the new day. And the vicious cycle continues, until we have nervous breakdown, end up in a hospital or with a ton of anti depressants in our medicine closets. Phew, that is how we are literally functioning. And we have all been there, in some capacity or the other.

But, as always, its never too late. Energy is an easy resource to replenish, unlike money or health, which are the offshoots of the former depletion. Before I go into those amazing tricks, let me tell you a little personal story from last week. My 8 year old, developed high fever and a feeling of what she described as ” energy depletion” herself. The fever probably was  body’s mechanism to deal with the syndrome. Yes, kids get it too. She woke up fever free the next day, but I caught the hint and I decided to keep her home. After our morning routines, we decided to go into our backyard barefoot, and sat with our backs against a tree. The tree energy can be very grounding and walking barefoot on earth is literally equivalent to earthing our bodies. after spending about an hour in the sun and nature, we came back inside, drank a lot of lemon water, meditated a little and she felt extremely tired and went back to sleep. Fast forward to noon, she woke up, and said she’s never felt so good in days. What we just did here with her, was recharging her energy batteries. No medicines, no doctor. If an 8 year old can feel like this with all the homework, sports and  school stress, imagine what our stress must feel like to our bodies.

So the number one thing I recommend all my clients to do is, going out in nature for at least 20 mins a day. Cold or hot, let your bodies figure it out. Run, walk, sit, and keep your phones away in this duration. Dress up or dress down per weather and let the trees, the ground, the fresh air, fill up your existence for just a few minutes. There is literally no substitute to walking barefoot on earth. Just like we earth our electricals for safety and functional purposes, we must earth our bodies too. These days earthing mats or mattresses are being sold, that can help ground you.

Secondly, try to wind down for a few minutes before bedtime. The time just before hitting the sack is auspicious. Listen to some music, light up some candles or read. Do something other than work, TV, cell phones or computers. Just be with yourself. This is also an excellent time for self introspection or meditation. And if you are not into meditations, find some of my guided meditations on social media. There are a ton on you tube as well. Guided meditations are like support wheels on bike. They lead you until you are good to go on your own. Getting into theta brainwaves is so good for your energy. It is in this state manifestations accomplish.

Lastly, I recommend following a hobby or and energy art like Tai Chi, Yoga or Marshal arts. These disciplines connect our minds with our bodies and help replenish our energy fields. Pursuing a hobby, painting, music or whatever brings joy to your heart can be eternally blissful for your soul. And when the heart is happy, the body is happy. One of the services that my company offers is ” Re-centering yourself” which is all about recharging your batteries with different modalities. And once these modalities become a part of your life, you will never have to be energetically discharged.

Life is passing us by too quickly. Try to eat healthy, workout and be the best version of yourself. Remember you cannot pour from an empty jug, so do not forget to replenish yourself before trying to give too much of yourself to other people, jobs or life itself! Live your heart wild and free!

~ Kanika Babal

A space that invites wealth

A space that invites wealth

Creating a space that invites wealth and abundance at home is a dream for each one of us. Wealth and Abundance is a big area of focus in Feng Shui. However the bigger question is, how does mending a space, invite wealth into our lives? Here’s the simple answer- Our minds feed off our environment. An environment that speaks of abundance and prosperity, makes an impact on our subconscious mind and the law of attraction takes charge. Intention is the essence of Feng Shui.

Personally, I like to mix Feng Shui with a little bit of crystal grid theory. Creating a crystal grid for attracting wealth, with a collection of wealth crystals and prosperity stones like Citrine, Pyrite, Jade, Aventurine and Clear Quartz, can do wonders. Here is a grid for the placement of these crystals for your convenience. Ideally this grid must be placed in the home office or the wealth corner of home. The south east of any room, home, office or garden is the universal wealth corner.

Feng Shui also helps you use various methods to create an environment at home and in the office that will strengthen you and attract the feng shui energies of prosperity and wealth. The most essential aspect of this is keeping your space clutter-free. Clutter confuses the chi and also us. Have you ever seen the desk of someone buried in work all the time? Its full of clutter! Clutter creates a vicious cycle of stress and disharmony. I love the rule of 9, which means that you only pick up 9 things every day , if your clutter is over whelming you and you do not know where to start. The sooner you start, the sooner you clear the path for the wealth chi to enter your space.

Keeping your front door in good working condition is imperative for wealth to flow into your home. Many homes just use the garage door to enter the home, thereby making their front door useless. The wealth Chi enters our home through the front door, so even if you are not using it, be sure to open it every so often to let the fresh air in. Keep the front door path free of any obstacles, garbage cans, toys or superfluous stuff. Ideally the front door must be well lit and must look inviting. Throwing some potted plants and a “welcome” rug are great additions to the front door.

One of my favorite wealth adjustments is organizing my wallet. Believe it or not, the way you treat your wallet sends an important message to the universe. Keep your wallet with as less credit cards as possible. More credit cards signify a life of more credit. Debit cards however have an opposite energy. They signify your wealth accumulation. Make sure to not keep any bills or receipts in your wallet. Just as your home, keep your wallet light. And on that note, do not keep any unpaid bills in your wealth section. Pay them, file them and put them away. They should not be seen everywhere around the house.

I also highly recommend keeping un-popped corn on top of the toilet tanks. Toilets are known to drain wealth. Keeping un-popped corn will help stop that drainage and hold your money back in the house. To add to that, makes sure to always keep the toilet lids closed.

Placing a mirror behind your stove is another excellent wealth adjustment. A mirror doubles your stove, thereby doubling the abundance. Placing a mirror in the dining room will double the amount of food on your table during meals and acts as a stimulate to bring twice your current abundance. Make sure your mirror is big enough so it doesn’t cut off the heads of those sitting at the table.Set a bowl of garlic as a dining table centerpiece to accumulate wealth. This can be any type of bowl. The garlic doesn’t need to be real. You can select any imitation garlic. Gold-colored garlic is also a great choice. While the north sector governs career, many people look to their earnings for their main wealth. The element for the north is water. To stimulate this sector for career success and subsequently enhance your earning potential and wealth, you can add a water element. Keep the water feature, either a tabletop water fountain or aquarium in proportion to your room. Too much water will drown you career and earning possibilities. As with all thing feng shui, balance is key. You can also add metal to this room since metal attracts water. Use metal objects, such as wall art or furniture. Do avoid sharp and pointed metal objects since these create poison arrows.

And as with all Feng Shui tips and adjustments, your intention plays a strong role. Keep your intentions positive and intent to attract money via these adjustments. Its important to not feel the lack, even if you do face it. The more grateful you feel for what you have than feel negative about what you don’t, the more you will set the universe conspiring to pay your gratitude. And as always, feel free to leave your queries or comments below.

-Kanika Babal


The little hearts that hear us

The little hearts that hear us

Our subtle body language and lifestyles become the beliefs our daughters carry in their tender hearts and mind about their own bodies and worthiness. How we, as mothers, act and behave in-front  of them, sets the roots of how they will eventually become. Someone rightfully said, daughters are the shadows of mothers. That is how we create stronger families, communities, countries and world. Love will never go unanswered, no matter what. Period.

Resolve not be belittled by others and  to stand up for yourself. Their little hearts, soon to be teenage hearts turning into young hearts will know instantly what to look for in men. How to be treated by them and how much to keep up with. The girls see you, in your everyday relationships, with the men, friends, associates in your life. Every moment is a moment of learning. So be sure to always keep these subtle signs positive and full of learning. It does not mean we are not allowed to break down, but it does mean that we must rise again to set the right examples.

Let our daughters only carry stories of strength, of courage, of kindness. May they arrive stronger, as healers, as teachers, as loving mothers with a very deep knowledge of love to draw from!

Allow them to falter and still be loved, allow them to fail and still be accepted, allow them to hurt and help them heal, allow them to fall and be ready to wipe off the tears. Let them emerge as a stronger version of the new (wo)mankind! Let them emerge as a stronger version of you!

-Kanika Babal

Home is a Feeling!

Home is a Feeling!

Home is a feeling, warm like the sun
Inside everyone needs a safe place to run…

Out of the many blogs I have written on home, good Feng Shui, positioning of the furniture, importance of elements etc, the one thing that underlines it all is “the feeling of home”. You may get everything right in your house per Feng Shui, but what really turns the house into your home is your connection with it, your intuition. I can never talk enough about the importance of a ” Home Naming Ceremony”(read previous blog) in this regard. Our homes are the reflections of our lives. The happiest and the saddest moments are often contained in them. And sometimes, unknowingly, we turn our homes into “houses of pain”.  This is a very subtle change that takes years to fructify. And it all starts when we start to overload our homes with things that do not bring us joy or serve us any purpose. Ah! the dresses in the closet that do not fit us anymore, but yes one day when we lose weight, they will…surely worth keeping them for a few years. My advice, if you don’t lose the weight within one year, donate them! For years I have been a victim of this thought process, until my senses gave up on looking at the same clothes in my closet that were not worn for years! And what about that wedding dress that is still hangs in closet after a divorce? Don’t forget the old tea set you inherited from grandma, she will surely be unhappy in heaven if you part with it now, even if you have never used it or never will.

The general rule to follow is, if you are not using something for over 6 months, put it in a box, in your garage. If you don’t miss that stuff in another 3 months, donate the box- pronto! Whatever brings your energy down, does not belong in your space. Get rid of the thought, ” what if one day I need it”, the chances are, if you didn’t need it so far, you possibly won’t in a couple years.  And that’s how you really honor your space and intuition. Learning to let go of old obligations to things that serve as reminders of what didn’t happen in your life, is an art to be embraced. Give yourself permission to throw them away. Let your home speak of your tastes, your life, your adventures and your happiness. I also would like to mention here that things bought in a garage sale, often have the energy of the previous owner, so unless you know the family well, keep away from other people’s seconds.

“Home is the starting place of love, hope and dreams. The magic thing is that it feels good to leave, but it feels even better to come back”. Your space is sacred to the memories you make, the relationships you build and where the laughter never ends. Such a space must be honored and taken care of. Keeping things clutter-free and organized, goes a long way in helping you connect with your space. Open the windows of your home to let the fresh air and sunlight seep in and bless your home. Invite birds via bird feeders and bird baths to stir up the chi with other life forms. Pet a fish or a dog or a cat or something! Keep your front entrance clean and beautiful and hang wind chimes. Bring in some plants and change those bed sheets every so often.  Keep a mental tab of what you own and how much. Often times we lose track of our possessions and they become a dead part of our homes blocking the chi.  Making a home out of a house does not require you to spend a lot of money, it just requires you to be conscious of your space!

Embrace your home. Make it the best feeling in the world!

Love and Light

Kanika Babal