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Meet Kanika

 Professional Integrated Space Specialist / Clairvoyant

“I help clients heal their environment in order to heal themselves, the universe works through me, as I work with them.” Kanika Babal

Kanika Babal is an Intuitive Feng Shui practitioner and healer, combining the principles of Feng Shui with her passion for color and design, helping clients to create environments that best support their lives and empower them to realize their fullest potential. In her practice, intuition and common sense are fused with Feng Shui principles to keep functionality at the foreground. This may also include a piece of her custom created Feng Shui Art. Her creative approach enables her to make suggestions that incorporate energy balance, aesthetic alignment and practicality, in a way that resonates with the client’s individual style.

She graduated in 2012 from the Wind and Water School of Feng Shui and began her passion of helping people heal through this beautiful practice. As she worked with individuals, families, and commercial offices, her practice took on a rich intuitive property. She formally trained to be a Clairvoyant and her clients were receiving great benefit from the addition. This deepened her love of practice and her ability to assist in healing, hearts, minds, bodies, homes, businesses and lives.
She realized she was not only a Traditional Feng Shui practitioner, but that her practice had taken the path of healing via clairvoyance, Reiki and crystals. She then expanded her arena to work with mental imagery and breath work for kids, assisting them to cope with aches, pains, bullying and depression. For Kanika, these additions to an already inspiring practice have created an even more gratifying and fruitful journey.

“There is as much talk about it as there is confusion about it. The range of feng shui stereotypes is very wide – from easy tips on how to move your furniture and instantly change your life to complex and often contradicting calculations for every area of your household and every action you take in life.

People turn to feng shui for all sorts of reasons – to find the right career, attract the right mate, get abundance in wealth, improve health or to get pregnant! And that’s where Heaven and Earth comes into your life, bringing you all that you have wanted and desired with the Black Sect Feng Shui techniques, use of colors, some compass and a lot of love, understanding and positive intentions.

So does Feng Shui really work?…..here is the thing – serious people do look into it, and they do get results. We have many clients who are anything but “new age junkies” and they achieved great results by applying feng shui. Feng Shui is a very very old science that harmonizes your with your environment with a little logic, a little calculation and some magic! So do not be afraid to ask for the most bizarre of things in your life, because, Feng Shui can make it happen!”

-Kanika Babal