A pretty valid question! Do you often feel that the money is coming in fine but running out way faster? Sudden expenses just creep up on you? The car breakdown this week and the plumbing repair the next..oh wait, your best friend’s wedding is coming up and the rent and the insurance and the utilities….it goes on and on. Most of us fall into this cycle of losing money faster than it comes in. So what can you do to stop your wealth drainage?

Draining of your wealth is as intentional as it is real. Feeling lack all the time, begets the feeling of lack. Begin by feeling thankful for what you have and appreciate the abundance in your life, no matter how small it is. Think about your good health and be thankful for a warm home and food on your table. Appreciating the abundance in your life makes you feel worthy of receiving more and the law of attraction sets pace. You get more when you already have more ( or feel you have more). Your brain cannot distinguish between actually having more or feeling that you have more. Here are a few other things you can do to stop drainage of your money:

  1. Place a bowl of un-popped corn on your toilet tank. In Feng Shui, your toilet drains your wealth out with every flush. Keeping a bowl of un-popped corn helps absorbs the wealth before it is drained out. Since the un-popped corn CAN absorb. (Its not popped yet).
  2. The southeast corner of your home is also the “wealth” corner of your home. The color of this area is purple. Try and have purple dominate this area of your home. Lavender color on the walls, purple candles or rugs, or something as small as a picture with some purple in it will be great.
  3. Surround yourself with images and items that speak to you of the energy of abundance. Water falls can project abundance as can a picture of “Goddess Laxmi” the Hindu Goddess of wealth and abundance. You may also keep a money jar or bowl in your office area.
  4. Keep a Jade plant at the entrance of your home or near the front door. Jade attracts wealth.
  5. Feng Shui aquariums are potent cures that attract wealth and abundance. They aid several wealth attracting factors. Keeping an aquarium on the left of your front door, as you face outside, can be a wonderful adjustment.
  6. Be sure to keep all your bills out of your immediate sight. File them up and keep them away until they are paid off. And then write a big red “PAID” on them when you are done paying them off. Also try and keep your wallet as de-cluttered as possible. Keep only one or two credit cards, since they have a strong energy of “credit”.

Remember, that attracting wealth involves more than just Feng Shui adjustments. Apart from striving for wealth, have a mindset of a wealthy person. Give a little charity whenever you can or write a big check for yourself and keep it under your pillow. Even just being thankful for everything you have can accelerate the process of abundance. And be patient, things can take time. Giving up too soon will only confirm to the universe that you have lack and lack begets lack. That works against the law of attraction. Start your wealth abundance cycle today and start with FAITH!

-Kanika Babal