Your Lucky Colors in 2020

Colors are powerful expression of “LIGHT” and in many ways, too many homes and offices are starved of light. The best way to incorporate colors in Feng Shui is to bring the energy of specific Feng Shui colors to achieve the desired results.

The year of 2020 is that of the Rat, which is the first Zodiac sign from the Chinese Calendar. The main element of the Rat is ” Water” represented by Blue. Since this is the year of Metallic  Rat, “White” the color that represents “Metal” is also considered auspicious.

In Feng Shui these colors, White and Blue can be incorporated in home decor and clothing. White is also associated with business , health and social relationships. Its the color that brings peace and calmness. Wear white every time you feel overwhelmed or anxious. One way to incorporate white beautifully for your business and career growth is to have a painting or picture of snow clad mountains in your career gua. Mountains signify upward growth and progress. They signify might and abundance. Having such a picture that has a mountain and white is a potent combination for the year of the “RAT”. White is also associated with light, goodness, innocence and purity. It is called the color of perfection. As opposed to black, white has a positive connotation.

Blue is the color of trust, honesty and loyalty. It also facilitates cellular regeneration. So for this year, wearing Blue is great if you have health issues, for it increases the capacity for immune protection. Blue also allows us a sense of elevated emotions and harmony. It symbolizes dependability and security. It enhances creativity, promotes contemplation and is associated with spirituality. It would be perfect to have blue walls or decor if you are in a creative, legal or retail business.

Blue is also a great color for 2020 if you are reconsidering painting you home. This color ineffably feeds and energizes the most important part of our brain , helping us to expand our horizon of knowledge. Its also the color of “Knowledge Gua” in your home. Painting kids study rooms in blue will help them with focus and retention.

ADHD personalities will benefit a lot from wearing Blue in 2020. This  color of the metallic rat, will help calm them and give them a sense of enthusiasm. Others will simply benefit from the harmonious sense that blue brings.

Other important places where you can incorporate Blue and White colors in your space is your Kitchen. The stove signifies the element of “Fire” and blue table mats, rugs or oven mitts are a great addition to your kitchen to bring in the harmony of the Metallic Rat. Using white in dishware is both classic and helps build and mend relationships. If there is stress at home between partners, kids or elderly parents, white will help bring them together and dissolve the stress to a great degree.

As a Feng Shui consultant, I always recommend “White” for harmony n relationships, whether in business or at home, but the year of the Metallic Rat will help enhance this effect manifold.

Enjoy creating some colorful vibes both in your home and offices this new year. Influence mood, elevate good health, increase your metabolism, and enhance positive psychological reactions by bringing Blue and White into your lives this new year!

Have a blessed 2020!

– Kanika Babal