Reverse Energy Depletion

Reverse Energy Depletion

Lets start by understanding what is energy depletion? To deplete is to use up limited resources. It basically means to drain. We are not talking about draining of energy due to physical stress here, although that may contribute to it, however, here our main topic of discussion is mental drainage and one can be mentally drained even after a long restful night, or even after not having done anything laborious physically. Being energetically drained implies a reduction in our capacity to function optimally.

Each one of us, in this time and age, is going through some kind of bankruptcy in terms of mental energy. Life has become way too complicated and there is way too much to accomplish in the little time we have. Kids, home, jobs, bad jobs, people, lifestyles use up our energy resources that we forget to replenish.  Lack of energy is something that seems to plague us all as we become busier with our lives. But there is a fine line between when low energy is a result of being busy, and when it’s a sign of something more serious. Fatigue and lack of energy are oftentimes reported as symptoms of what later turns out to be a sobering health concern.

.  I mentioned in one of my posts earlier that while relaxation should be a free thing, mankind spends a fortune accessing it and finding ways to de-stress and relax. EMF has become our way of survival and in an attempt to be always connected, we are massively disconnecting, with our close ones and with ourselves. We are working like zombies. E.g a long day at work can be depleting, add to that a bad conversation with a co-worker, an argument with spouse, eating unhealthy, not working out, and eventually  resorting to drugs or alcohol to tune yourself out and numb the feelings of being incompetent. And then start the next day, with an already negative energy balance in our accounts, since we didn’t make the right choices to replenish it before starting the new day. And the vicious cycle continues, until we have nervous breakdown, end up in a hospital or with a ton of anti depressants in our medicine closets. Phew, that is how we are literally functioning. And we have all been there, in some capacity or the other.

But, as always, its never too late. Energy is an easy resource to replenish, unlike money or health, which are the offshoots of the former depletion. Before I go into those amazing tricks, let me tell you a little personal story from last week. My 8 year old, developed high fever and a feeling of what she described as ” energy depletion” herself. The fever probably was  body’s mechanism to deal with the syndrome. Yes, kids get it too. She woke up fever free the next day, but I caught the hint and I decided to keep her home. After our morning routines, we decided to go into our backyard barefoot, and sat with our backs against a tree. The tree energy can be very grounding and walking barefoot on earth is literally equivalent to earthing our bodies. after spending about an hour in the sun and nature, we came back inside, drank a lot of lemon water, meditated a little and she felt extremely tired and went back to sleep. Fast forward to noon, she woke up, and said she’s never felt so good in days. What we just did here with her, was recharging her energy batteries. No medicines, no doctor. If an 8 year old can feel like this with all the homework, sports and  school stress, imagine what our stress must feel like to our bodies.

So the number one thing I recommend all my clients to do is, going out in nature for at least 20 mins a day. Cold or hot, let your bodies figure it out. Run, walk, sit, and keep your phones away in this duration. Dress up or dress down per weather and let the trees, the ground, the fresh air, fill up your existence for just a few minutes. There is literally no substitute to walking barefoot on earth. Just like we earth our electricals for safety and functional purposes, we must earth our bodies too. These days earthing mats or mattresses are being sold, that can help ground you.

Secondly, try to wind down for a few minutes before bedtime. The time just before hitting the sack is auspicious. Listen to some music, light up some candles or read. Do something other than work, TV, cell phones or computers. Just be with yourself. This is also an excellent time for self introspection or meditation. And if you are not into meditations, find some of my guided meditations on social media. There are a ton on you tube as well. Guided meditations are like support wheels on bike. They lead you until you are good to go on your own. Getting into theta brainwaves is so good for your energy. It is in this state manifestations accomplish.

Lastly, I recommend following a hobby or and energy art like Tai Chi, Yoga or Marshal arts. These disciplines connect our minds with our bodies and help replenish our energy fields. Pursuing a hobby, painting, music or whatever brings joy to your heart can be eternally blissful for your soul. And when the heart is happy, the body is happy. One of the services that my company offers is ” Re-centering yourself” which is all about recharging your batteries with different modalities. And once these modalities become a part of your life, you will never have to be energetically discharged.

Life is passing us by too quickly. Try to eat healthy, workout and be the best version of yourself. Remember you cannot pour from an empty jug, so do not forget to replenish yourself before trying to give too much of yourself to other people, jobs or life itself! Live your heart wild and free!

~ Kanika Babal