Creating a space that invites wealth and abundance at home is a dream for each one of us. Wealth and Abundance is a big area of focus in Feng Shui. However the bigger question is, how does mending a space, invite wealth into our lives? Here’s the simple answer- Our minds feed off our environment. An environment that speaks of abundance and prosperity, makes an impact on our subconscious mind and the law of attraction takes charge. Intention is the essence of Feng Shui.

Personally, I like to mix Feng Shui with a little bit of crystal grid theory. Creating a crystal grid for attracting wealth, with a collection of wealth crystals and prosperity stones like Citrine, Pyrite, Jade, Aventurine and Clear Quartz, can do wonders. Here is a grid for the placement of these crystals for your convenience. Ideally this grid must be placed in the home office or the wealth corner of home. The south east of any room, home, office or garden is the universal wealth corner.

Feng Shui also helps you use various methods to create an environment at home and in the office that will strengthen you and attract the feng shui energies of prosperity and wealth. The most essential aspect of this is keeping your space clutter-free. Clutter confuses the chi and also us. Have you ever seen the desk of someone buried in work all the time? Its full of clutter! Clutter creates a vicious cycle of stress and disharmony. I love the rule of 9, which means that you only pick up 9 things every day , if your clutter is over whelming you and you do not know where to start. The sooner you start, the sooner you clear the path for the wealth chi to enter your space.

Keeping your front door in good working condition is imperative for wealth to flow into your home. Many homes just use the garage door to enter the home, thereby making their front door useless. The wealth Chi enters our home through the front door, so even if you are not using it, be sure to open it every so often to let the fresh air in. Keep the front door path free of any obstacles, garbage cans, toys or superfluous stuff. Ideally the front door must be well lit and must look inviting. Throwing some potted plants and a “welcome” rug are great additions to the front door.

One of my favorite wealth adjustments is organizing my wallet. Believe it or not, the way you treat your wallet sends an important message to the universe. Keep your wallet with as less credit cards as possible. More credit cards signify a life of more credit. Debit cards however have an opposite energy. They signify your wealth accumulation. Make sure to not keep any bills or receipts in your wallet. Just as your home, keep your wallet light. And on that note, do not keep any unpaid bills in your wealth section. Pay them, file them and put them away. They should not be seen everywhere around the house.

I also highly recommend keeping un-popped corn on top of the toilet tanks. Toilets are known to drain wealth. Keeping un-popped corn will help stop that drainage and hold your money back in the house. To add to that, makes sure to always keep the toilet lids closed.

Placing a mirror behind your stove is another excellent wealth adjustment. A mirror doubles your stove, thereby doubling the abundance. Placing a mirror in the dining room will double the amount of food on your table during meals and acts as a stimulate to bring twice your current abundance. Make sure your mirror is big enough so it doesn’t cut off the heads of those sitting at the table.Set a bowl of garlic as a dining table centerpiece to accumulate wealth. This can be any type of bowl. The garlic doesn’t need to be real. You can select any imitation garlic. Gold-colored garlic is also a great choice. While the north sector governs career, many people look to their earnings for their main wealth. The element for the north is water. To stimulate this sector for career success and subsequently enhance your earning potential and wealth, you can add a water element. Keep the water feature, either a tabletop water fountain or aquarium in proportion to your room. Too much water will drown you career and earning possibilities. As with all thing feng shui, balance is key. You can also add metal to this room since metal attracts water. Use metal objects, such as wall art or furniture. Do avoid sharp and pointed metal objects since these create poison arrows.

And as with all Feng Shui tips and adjustments, your intention plays a strong role. Keep your intentions positive and intent to attract money via these adjustments. Its important to not feel the lack, even if you do face it. The more grateful you feel for what you have than feel negative about what you don’t, the more you will set the universe conspiring to pay your gratitude. And as always, feel free to leave your queries or comments below.

-Kanika Babal