Our subtle body language and lifestyles become the beliefs our daughters carry in their tender hearts and mind about their own bodies and worthiness. How we, as mothers, act and behave in-front  of them, sets the roots of how they will eventually become. Someone rightfully said, daughters are the shadows of mothers. That is how we create stronger families, communities, countries and world. Love will never go unanswered, no matter what. Period.

Resolve not be belittled by others and  to stand up for yourself. Their little hearts, soon to be teenage hearts turning into young hearts will know instantly what to look for in men. How to be treated by them and how much to keep up with. The girls see you, in your everyday relationships, with the men, friends, associates in your life. Every moment is a moment of learning. So be sure to always keep these subtle signs positive and full of learning. It does not mean we are not allowed to break down, but it does mean that we must rise again to set the right examples.

Let our daughters only carry stories of strength, of courage, of kindness. May they arrive stronger, as healers, as teachers, as loving mothers with a very deep knowledge of love to draw from!

Allow them to falter and still be loved, allow them to fail and still be accepted, allow them to hurt and help them heal, allow them to fall and be ready to wipe off the tears. Let them emerge as a stronger version of the new (wo)mankind! Let them emerge as a stronger version of you!

-Kanika Babal