One word answer…YES!!

Much as the bunk beds help save the space they are not considered good Feng Shui for the following 3 reasons:-

  • The person sleeping on top will experience sleeplessness because of the lack of support directly below the body.
  • There will be reduced energy getting to the lower bed because of the force of the upper bed on top.
  • The person sleeping in the lower bunk will feel inferior to the person in the upper bunk, potentially igniting fights between the two.

Its hard to come to terms with something like this that saves space, looks elegant and makes the room look bigger. And how lovely is it for kids to share their space and learn how to coexist. So what can we do to make the bunk beds Feng Shui conducive? Before we look at these tips, I would still like to stress that if space is not a constraint, keep the bunk beds as your last option. Lets see how we can make bunk bed adjustments.

First and foremost, make sure that the bunk beds are not made out of metal. They must be made out of solid wood. The element wood supports sleep and gives a sense of stability. If the bunk beds can be built into the wall, that would further add an element of strength and stability. Make sure that each bed has its own headboard. I cannot stress enough the importance of headboards for good sleep. Secondly, paint the bottom of the upper bunk or cover it with a fabric with calming colors, night sky, clouds, etc. Just make sure to avoid too dark of a color, as you don’t want your child in the bottom bunk to feel like they are in deep water. This would give them a sense of not being under someone else’s bed and hence would reduce the feeling of being dominated or inferior. Thirdly, make sure that the bunk bed does not squeak or rock when kids are flopping around on the top bunk. This is both unsafe and takes away the feeling of being grounded. Having a solid stable bunk beds is imperative. Lastly, secure the top bunk bed from all sides so there is a feeling of security while sleeping on top. It might be a good idea to have  a tent like enclosure on top or even solid wood support on all 3 sides while a headboard on fourth.

If you feel your kids are fighting a lot and sleeping on bunk beds, I recommend a small water fall in the room. The soothing sound of water helps with sleep while the element water helps diminish the fire a.k.a fights. Feng Shui is very intentional, so make sure your adjustments hold the right intentions. Be sure that the bunk bed is placed in the command position, i.e  the door of the room, can be seen while a person is on the bed. Also make sure that no windows are covered in the room by the bunk beds. Pay close attention to the colors in the children’s room. The kids room must be fun yet provide  a feeling of security. Use of earthy natural colors is highly recommended while avoiding the fiery reds and royal blues.

Your kids must enjoy their space while simultaneously connecting with it. If your kid is constantly agitated or irritated, and none of the above solutions seem to help, it might be time to pick up the phone and call me!

Love and Light,

Kanika Babal