Corporate settings use two general seating arrangements: individual offices (one room per worker) and the dreaded cubicle (or office isolation tank). The move to more people sharing space, whether in cubicles or not, contributes to an admirable flattening of hierarchies within the corporation. However, the downside is sterility, a lack of privacy and personal space; you may feel like a unit in a machine rather than a person with individual needs and desires. Should that be the case with you, there is an immediate need for correction, for a feeling of stagnation and boredom in a space that you spend 6-10 hours in, is not only detrimental for your progress but also your well-being! This is how you can address these situations.

In a private cabin, make sure that the desk is in a command position, meaning, when you are sitting down, you either face the door or can see it without having to turn yourself. If your office is extremely irregular( not a square or rectangular), you can have inexplicable setbacks and continuous frustrations at work. If you can’t switch offices, you can apply the special nine green plants cure: Add nine healthy new plants to your space all on the same day. The plants should be purchased new for the purpose of this cure. If convenient, you can place the plants near particular irregularities in the room, such as strange angles, posts, cramped areas, and so on. Otherwise, just stick them where they fit best. For full results from this cure, visualize that your job and career are going very well. If you have glass walls try to cover them with blinds to create some privacy. Like the majority of office workers, if you work under fluorescent lighting, you can use a couple helpful hints. You may be able to replace the tubes yourself with healthier full-spectrum ones or let the natural light find its way into your space by keeping the blinds off the windows. I love the idea of having a water fountain in the cabin for some soothing sounds of water to address the high stress situations. Its best to keep the pictures of loved ones and family out of your space of work, so as to not confuse the chi with relaxation, and to be able to focus better. Its your office, not your home. Lets keep the energies separate. Having a painting or a picture of a mountain brings good luck and prosperity in work. If that can be incorporated, there isn’t a better success adjustment!

A cubicle is a much trickier Feng Shui situation than an office room. Cubicles are unfortunate paradigms of vulnerability for the individual worker. One of the chief problems is that you don’t use a real desk but work from a counter top, unless you work in one of the large manager type cubicles. However, you can do plenty to improve your situation. Bringing living flowing energy into your work space is a great idea. Try to have a small gold fish bowl on your desk to bring in the water and Fire element (don’t forget to feed the fish or change the water every so often). Place a plant in your space to invite some wood and Earth energy. Always be sure to keep live plants and not fake ones. Should your back be facing the entry of the cubicle, try to put a mirror in front of you, to reflect the entry. This is an excellent Feng Shui adjustment if you cannot place your desk in a command position. This adjustment helps with feeling of vulnerability at work and keeps your grounded.

Having a visualization chart in your office space is a great reminder of what you want to attract in your life. Simply take a chart sheet and place pictures that inspire you to be better, happier and more successful. Visualization, as a quantum technique, is gaining a lot of popularity, for you attract from universe, what you feed your senses. I like to put pictures of places I want to travel to, inspirational figures and coaches, sayings that inspire me and sometimes words that represent success on my “Visualization Charts”. My clients have found a great amount of success via this technique.

Last but not the least, try to keep the clutter at bay.The idea is that clearing away clutter helps bring in vital energy which promotes clarity and focus. Overall, 70% of your desk should be cleared and be empty space. You want to be able to arrive at a clean desk when you get to work and leave with a clean desk at the end of the day. Taking the extra time to organize things correctly and efficiently will help you from having to do it again in a few months.Another idea is keeping an organized schedule that segments your work accordingly. For instance, do your paperwork once per day. Don’t try to multitask, as it will interfere with your working memory. When scheduling, try to always complete difficult tasks first.

How you interact with our space is how the universe interacts with you! Keep it clean, loving and lovely! Sign up for a Business and Career Feng Shui at

-Kanika Babal