“Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” is most often diagnosed in people when they are children, and it carries with them throughout their lives, but perhaps manifesting in different ways. It is recognized as a condition where the person will be very impulsive, will be unable to follow directions well, won’t be able to focus or remember information, and often has trouble organizing or accomplishing other tasks.

My little client, whom I will call Max, was 4 when his mom approached me in desperation after having tried everything under the sun for her son! She was at her wits end, but what we often forget is that it is equally frustrating for the child who is undergoing bouts of ADHD and living with it, while getting judged or misunderstood. On my visit to their home, and to Max’s room I noticed posters of superheros, a big bright car bed, shelves overloaded with books, and lots of gun and sword toys!!! Hmmm……rings a bell? It did to me.

We often underestimate the power of our surroundings and what our mind is feeding off of it. Don’t let the house and what’s inside get out of control. There is no need for a home to be piled high with junk. They don’t do anyone any good, and it will bring both the energy of the ADHD person and the vibe in the house, down. A child who is already overwhelmed in his personal environment is only getting more overwhelmed by the “too much” he sees around him. If a cluttered and disorganized room will create a stressful environment for someone without ADHD, just imagine what it would do for someone with it! Also, it can be useful to not display too many decorative pieces or articles around the house.

If it’s the child who has ADHD, don’t place too many toys or overstimulating items in their room. It will distract from the entire purpose of the child’s bedroom. In Max’s case, his bedroom had posters of super heros which reminded him of all the power struggles and fights, to top it all off he played with only guns and swords. All these are high stimulants for a kid with ADHD. It was imperative to rid his room of these stimulants. The person with ADHD has a mind that is always on the go. It can’t stop doing and thinking and just ticking along. The natural world can be a boon. I recommended Max’s mom to use essential oils to calm his senses down and keep stress balls in his space, that he can squeeze or play with. One great tool for these kids is a rubic cube puzzle. It can keep them occupied for hours and their energy can be well channeled. These toys and tools also help reduce the time with technology, which is a must. Studies are cropping up that are showing the connection between the use of electronics and lack of good sleep which in turn leads to muddled and over stimulated minds.For people with ADHD who are always moving, they especially need their sleep time to recharge and restore themselves to prepare for the next day. So, keep the use of electronics confined to a certain area of the house and for a certain time.

Colors have a significant impact on the way a room feels and the way people think when they enter it. Choose colors that stimulate calming energy such as blues and earthy tones. These colors do not overstimulate or over-energize. Consider painting a kids room in these colors. In Max’s room, the colors of red and orange created too much of fire element. Balancing it out with water and wood was essential. Wood is an earth element and therefore helps to bring calmness and a grounded feeling to the room. So, it was be a good idea to have a wooden bed in Max’s room.

If someone has this mental disorder, it doesn’t mean they aren’t capable, smart, or able to have relationships. But, this disorder can get in the way of a lot of things.As a child, it can display itself as poor behavior in the classroom because of distraction and impulsiveness , or as not doing homework because planning is too difficult. As an adult, it can manifest as forgetting appointments or due dates.Or, it could mean having a lot of relationship troubles because it’s difficult to listen and stay focused when someone is talking for extended periods, and it can be hard to remember dates or everything a partner has said. That is why Feng Shui tips are so great, since they help calm the immediate environment of the child or an adult which reinforces a sense of calm and togetherness in the person. It helps them feel renewed and confident.

In my work with kids, I have noticed a 60-70% change in their behavior immediately after applying Feng Shui tips to their room and space.Healing therapies like “Color Healing” and “Recenter Yourself”, that I offer, have done magic to boost the self confidence of the kids. Using the child’s date of birth, to see what element he is ruled by and then to balance his space with the appropriate elements can go a long way. The use of colors, the placement of furniture to allow the chi to flow freely and taking too much clutter and sound out of their space can help the child feel at home!

Feng Shui for ADHD

Kanika Babal