Weight loss and Feng Shui

Weight loss and Feng Shui

90% of us are constantly fighting the weight loss battle. Can Feng Shui help with weight loss? Health has been on my mind lately, since I have worked with 7 families back to back, only on health issues, whether ailing bodies or ailing minds in form of stress, depression or anxiety. My last client approached me for weight loss issues. And I want to take this opportunity to share the Feng Shui weight loss tips in this blog!

For resolving weight loss issues I like to divide the home into 3 sections to be worked upon:

  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Rest of the home.

The first place you should focus your feng shui efforts when trying to lose weight is your kitchen. The kitchen must have a feng shui sense of freshness and lightness to it, so do give your kitchen a thorough cleaning, and let go of the foods you know you should avoid in order to lose weight. Often times our fridge is cluttered with old and rotten fruits and vegetables. Set up a day once a week and dedicate it to cleaning and organizing your fridge. I like to organize the shelves of my fridge into dairy, meats, and vegetable/raw foods sections and then one shelf just for left over foods. Try not to mix everything up otherwise when you are hungry you might end up grabbing the first sugary thing you can lay your hands on. It is also advisable to bring/buy only that amount of food which is sufficient for 3-4 days. This tip has saved my life!

Organize your pantry according to foods as well. I cook a lot of Indian food so all my beans and pulses that have a long shelf life stay on the top of the pantry shelf while some of the packaged foods that have an expiry, stay on the lower shelves for a quick recycle.

Feng shui color-wise, it is advisable to go for a calm color  that will curb the appetite, such as blue, for example. Or, you can choose to go for a stronger presence of green, a very healing feng shui color. Fire feng shui element colors (red, purple, bright yellow, and magenta pink) are best to limit or avoid in the kitchen area.

Display bottles of water, as well as fresh fruits and herbs. Visual pictures of greenery and freshness in form of a tray of fruits or fresh flowers, make you want to eat fresh and healthy. Aerate your kitchen often. Lightness and freshness are the keywords for a feng shui kitchen that will help you lose weight.

The next space to carefully inspect with your feng shui eyes is your bedroom. Bedrooms play a huge part in the good feng shui of your whole home, as well as in the state of your health and well-being. Check to be sure that your closets are not cluttered and overstuffed. Leave the space under your bed clear, do not use it for storage. Also make sure that have a picture of yourself in the bedroom that exudes health and wellness. Seeing yourself from a time you felt good about your body and health, helps us move to that goal faster.

Clean out and clear out your whole home; this will promote a better flow of Chi or feng shui energy. Good circulation in your environment is directly related to a good energy circulation in your body and the release of energy blockages. Relocate your workout equipment where you will actually use it. E.g a treadmill in the garage may not be of much use in the winter if you live in a cold state like me. Strategically place a mirror in areas where you will see yourself and reinforce your resolve to change your image. A mirror on your pantry door may be a good reminder not to grab that packet of chips when you are trying to lose weight. Also try and eat all your meals at a table.

Vary the color and texture of the foods you eat and the containers you serve them on. Balance the yin and yang by placing light colored foods in brightly colored containers, and serving a mixture of hot and spicy foods with lighter and milder flavors. Since fruits and vegetables are the most colorful foods, when you mix their colors you naturally make healthier choices. Be sure to buy fresh ingredients, because processed food has stagnant chi energy. Keep a bowl of fresh fruit on your counter to attract positive chi into your kitchen. 

Throughout your home, especially in the feng shui East area of your home, display images of vibrant health and joy. You can also choose to work with feng shui crystals. Carrying small crystals that jive well with your health are a great way to remind yourself of your health goals.

I am a living example of not only losing weight but also building optimal muscle mass with the help of Feng Shui. Remember, Feng Shui can only help aid your journey towards weight loss, you have to give your diet and exercise optimal attention as well. Once you incorporate these Feng Shui tips in your home, your weight loss journey accompanied with your workouts and diets will do wonders for your body and soul and when you feel like quitting, your environment will remind you, why you started! Every new day is another chance to change your life!

Kanika Babal

Your body’s Feng Shui

Your body’s Feng Shui

The Co relation between our body and Feng Shui is fascinating. In addition to reading our spaces to tell us where we can improve our lives, we can also look at our bodies to gain better understanding of our lives and our happiness. Many times before we take a big step in our life – especially a step that requires our faith and courage – we become ill. Illness isn’t always a sign that something’s wrong; it’s often a sign of growth. It’s our body’s way of “pulling in” and helping itself to marshal its full energy before taking on a big endeavor.

Start paying attention to when your body breaks down. And acknowledge it rather than ignoring it. There are signs our bodies make that relate to areas in our life where we might be trying to grow or where we need to take steps. eg problems in ears could relate to career opportunities or life path hurdles, problems in feet may relate to problems in growth, personal or professional. You may find it’s hard to get growing if it’s hard to get going. When your feet or breathing slow you down in life, you feel like life is standing still or going backwards. This can manifest as problems with the toes, cracked heels, fungus, asthma, and chronic respiratory problems. if your hips are hurting, you may be undergoing a lack of some sort. When there are migraines, sinus problems and any kind of problems with the head, even eczema or dandruff, maybe you’re not letting go of your thoughts and expressing yourself well. Migraines were a problem with me until I understood that it was just a reaction of my body trying to tell me something. I have been migraine free for years ever since, without any medication.

Simply put, it works backwards and forward. If you take care of your body, you will take care of the problems in your life.
For instance, if you wake at certain times of the night, it’s possible that you have a health problem tied to that time. You may also have times during the day when your energy slumps. This, too, could be tied to a physical ailment or emotional disturbance. If you train yourself to sleep through the night, the health problem associated with it also dissipates.

Good health is maintenance. It is not a one day, or one month, or one year process. Often times people will follow stringent diets to lose weight, which is great temporarily, but in the long run, if you don’t follow the same pattern, you will be back to square one! So why not have a maintenance plan of eating healthy or exercising throughout our lives. Not a month, not a year. Dedicating a time everyday for something simple as a walk or stretch is great.

Let me share my maintenance plan with you. I personally love weight lifting and Pilates. They both compliment each other. I try to keep realistic goals for my diet which i don’t need to alter every now and then. Raw food one meal a day and the others are everyday basic meals that may include crabs, fruit or dark chocolate. So my body doesn’t go into the deficit mode where it starts to store fat and i enjoy everything in moderation. An occasional steam or sauna will not only do wonders for your skin but also your spirit. I am in love with “hamam” which is Turkish bath of exfoliating your entire body. I love listening to music, spending time with my kids or just looking at the rising sun! these are all free therapies that do wonders for our soul. Basically anything that makes you feel good, will enhance your spirit and your body will be in sync and balance. Occasional massages are great too or just using a foam roller will sometimes do the trick!

Take time out to understand your body and what it really wants. Treat it with love and respect and listen to it when it says “enough” ! Often times we have a tendency to keep going to meet our deadlines and we ignore what our bodies are telling us. Lack of sleep is a major problem in our societies today. Sleep has become a luxury, where as it the cheapest form of therapy available to all of us and we still don’t use it! How sad is that?

Today, resolve to live fully, in the moment, as an observer. You don’t have to fight for time. Starting out with just 10 mins a day purely for yourself, is enough. Just enjoy sipping that cup of tea without thinking of work or laundry or kids and make that your meditation. Crank up the music and dance to it, or just watch the chirping bird outside. Treat your soul to bliss and make it a habit!

Love and Light

Kanika Babal

Why are headboards so important?

Why are headboards so important?

Headboards deserve a very special mention in Feng Shui. They are important as they stand for stability and protection. The solid and quality headboard will provide you a sense of support and security. Also, it is believed that the headboard will improve the relationship between the partners.

I always recommend wooden headboards if it is a possibility.
Historically, they served to isolate sleepers from drafts and cold in less insulated buildings, and thus were made of wood, which is less thermally conductive than stone or brick. Wood is a natural element that features strength and warmth. Being the solid material, wood will give you a good backing and protection. You can also choose an upholstered headboard foe added style.The headboard should always be attached to the bed, and not to the wall. This will create the feeling of security when you lean your head on against it. It’s believed that a good headboard and bed itself for that matter, can improve the night sleep and lead to a better romance.

The storage headboards on which you can place objects you use before you go to bed such as a book or your cellphone, are not good option for your bedroom. Putting objects on the headboard can interfere with the quality of your sleep. For this reason stick to simple models.

In my profession as a Feng Shui Practioner, I have resolved 90% of sleep problems in kids and adults by simply suggesting to have a solid wooden headboard. A good headboard is one of the crucial elements of a good Feng shui bed. A good headboard will create strong and supportive energy for your bed, which provides for better sleep, as well as an overall sense of being supported in life. Needless to say, an overall sense of being supported in life results in happiness and empowerment in our day to day lives!