Feng Shui  changes the elemental energy of your living space, and is not only about placement of your furniture.  Feng Shui works primarily with form and color apart from the design element. In my Feng Shui Artwork, I create paintings that integrate form and color to enhance the achievement of my client’s objectives. Each element in Feng Shui is represented by a shape and color. For example, Fire is represented by a red and a triangle. So to enhance this effect in a room, I paint those 

features in an abstract form, creating the same effect as having that specific element in the room.  Sometimes a painting may contain more than one element, if a solution requires it.  These paintings are intentional and confined to Feng Shui principles. 

If you are seeking harmony, abundance, or some other solution using Feng Shui, this art can increase the balance and attraction in your space.  The five elements of Feng Shui are wood, fire, earth, metal and water and our bodies and spaces are constantly striving for the balance of these five elements.  The colors, shapes, symbols and images in my paintings encourage and attract this balance.  

Let’s say that you are wishing for love in your life.  An intuitive painting containing water, butterflies, a feather, purples, reds, pink and strong yellow could be a powerful solution.  Water beckons deeper connections and abundance, while the butterflies manifest ample suitors and the freedom to choose your best partner and in relationships they exemplify commitment and devotion.  The feather invites lightheartedness and truth.  Purple draws romance, red embodies joy, passion and sexual desire.  Pink attracts universal love and sweetness, as well as inner peace.  And finally, strong yellow captivates happiness and warmth.

As you may now realize, Feng Shui art is a very important and influential part of the process and solution Feng Shui presents.  These paintings are very specific to my clients needs and are painted after a thorough evaluation of the space. It may take from 10 to 60 days to complete a painting. Being an artist brings an edge into my practice and has created wonders for my clients.