Times have changed—20 years ago, people saw yoga as a strange practice with no tangible physical benefits. Since then, we’ve been so widely exposed to its positive effects both on the body and mental health that it’s become as mainstream as green juice. Similarly, the ancient Chinese spatial laws of Feng Shui in houses have only proliferated, with practices like home naming and home purification getting special attention as their benefits get known.

A Naming Ceremony is the event at which an infant, a youth, or an adult or relatives is given a name. A Home naming ceremony is where we name our home, just like that. The essence of Home naming emerges from the fact that we consider our home as an individual or a person that is named and we give it love and respect, just as how we would, a person.

So the question is, why do we need to give our home respect and love? The answer is simple. What we love, manifests. In this case, its our home. We want to show love and respect to our home by taking care of it, by keeping yards manicured, closets decluttered, bedsheets changed every so often and keeping the general area organized and clean. In return, our home gives us back a free flowing Chi, a positive environment, growth and prosperity.

Home Naming is art which is not very prevalent however, Intuitive Feng Shui believes strongly in naming a home, so as to give it an entity and identity that people can relate with. It also entails respecting every room of the house, in that , not using the bedroom for eating or dining room for doing office work. The house energies get thoroughly confused when such things are practiced.

The process of Home Naming ceremony is simple. Take a piece of a blank paper and write the chosen name of your home in RED ink. Then create strong intentions around the name by visualizing your home as an individual, thanking it and asking for his/her blessings. Ask the home to always keep you safe and protected. Smudge some Palo Santo or Sage in the home right after.

This is a powerful intentional exercise that creates a strong bond between you and your home and immediately connects the two of you. The house now takes onus for your wellbeing and prosperity. The magic is endless!