One thing I love about Minnesota is that we get into the spirit of seasons and celebrations that come with it. With the pumpkin season around and Halloween on the anvil, its beautiful to see the homes decorated with the Fall decor. It is common to decorate our homes in the inside, but how many times do we consciously think about beautifying our front doors?

The front door, or main door, of a house, is very important in Feng Shui. The house gets its nourishment, through the front door. The stronger, healthier, and more balanced the front door is, the better the quality of energy available for those who live in the house. Adding strength to your front door can be as simple as ensuring a clear path to the door or repainting it a more auspicious color. As a general goal, your front door should be as inviting, welcoming, and attractive as possible.

I am a huge fan of a small garden in the front of the front door, but sometimes it is non conducive. What we can however do, is make our front door more inviting and attractive. 

  • Having an obstructive energy to the front door is detrimental. Lack of  free flow there, literally equates with lack of luck knocking on our doors. I love the Hindu tradition of always keeping the front door clean and decorating it with some sort of garland. Its a traditional Hindu practice, equivalent of honoring Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth. In Feng Shui too, the analogy is not any different.
  • Make sure that the front door opens fully and easily and that there is nothing placed in-front of the door obstructing its natural motion. No rusty door knobs, no weathered Christmas wreaths. Showing love and respect for your front door helps attract a positive energy towards your home. The luck is bountiful.
  • Front and Back door Alignment can be a challenge, since the positive Chi coming in through the front door can quickly escape out the back door. To correct this, put plants on the way or help cover the floor with rugs, to slow down the Chi from moving out. Placing furniture in between can also be a good idea.
  • Mirror facing the front door is never a good idea. The positive Chi that enters through the front door can quickly be reflected right back.
  • Lastly, use season appropriate decor to or any decor to honor your front door. Changing the decor often is a way of telling your Front door that you are willing to invest time and energy in its beautification, which in turn is a great message for the positive Chi coming in. Remember what we take care of, grows. So invite the positive energy into your home.

Sometimes just giving your door a different color can also spice up things. Different schools of though advocate different colors, but I personally feel, go with your instincts and gut and your Higher Self decide what really appeals to your spirit. It can be red, green, brown or just plain white, as my home.

Kanika Babal