I love Diwali, our Hindu festival of lights, since its meaning is so synonymous to Feng Shui. Cleaning of our homes, getting rid of clutter, bringing in the fragrance of fresh flowers in the household are all great Feng Shui tips that every Hindu household does every year on Diwali. If we go about comparing different sciences of different nationalities, we would come to the conclusion that they all have almost the same ideologies and relevance and Feng Shui has lots to offer when it comes to Diwali- our festival of lights!
Make this Diwali truly prosperous with these Feng Shui Tips:

Donate everything that either does not bring happiness to you, or does not serve a purpose in your household


Diwali is a festival of giving as much as receiving. This Diwali, make a conscious effort to donate everything that you have not used in the last 6 months or more, clothes, toys, utensils, furniture pieces…whatever

comes to your mind!

Light Candles at home

Not just on Diwali, but every evening at dusk. Light a nice fragrant candle in your kitchen area to create abundance and to thank your guides and angels for growth in household produce. I personally do this every evening for a few hours.

 I love the candles from Bath and Body works and they calm my senses and gives the whole house a very positive vibe. Lemon is uplifting while Sage and Mint are great for clearing the mind.

Chinese Pagoda

Bring good luck to your business by placing a Chinese pagoda in the knowledge area( ask a consultant) of your house. Pagodas are powerful and bring in abundance of wealth. Great way to honor Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth in Hindu Mythology.

Fresh Flowers

Having fresh flowers in home is not only appealing to our senses but is also a great Feng Shui tip. Purple Flowers signify abundance in wealth.


This Diwali, gift yourself a fish or two or more. Fish are a great significance of evil eye and absorb all the bad energy from home and office spaces. Keep the fish tank to the left of your front door, as you face to leave the house.

Burn Palo Santo or Sage

In the spirit of the fact that Diwali is in part a celebration of the triumph of good over evil cleansing your home of any negative energy that has accumulated over time is a suitable strategy.You can cleanse the energy of your home by burning sage or sandalwood.Make sure to walk slowly around your home and allow the burning aroma to seep into each corner and crevice.Since Diwali also indicates the New Year on certain Hindi calendars this process should assist in helping you purify the energy in your home so that you can embark on the new year with a positive start. Smudging herbs like Sage or the holy wood, like Palo Santo is also great for Space clearing of any stagnant energy.

Color Therapy for home

This Diwali bring in some vibrant and auspicious colors in your spaces that will not only enhance the look of your home but also bring in Feng Shui powers. Red is great for relationships while Yellow is great for health. For the month of Oct I will be offering Color Therapies for Home as a Free special to my consultations.

Make this Diwali a soulful one!

Kanika Babal