Table Centerpiece for Abundance!

The coffee table center piece is a much neglected concept. However its well to remember from time to time, that not only does it beautify our coffee table and makes it look more inviting, its also a symbol of abundance in Feng Shui.
What catches your attention, what makes your heart alive, what makes you want to sit by the centerpiece? Ponder over this and let the creativity in you come alive. There is never anything wrong in the way you do your centerpiece.

The more alive and heartwarming your center piece, the more abundance it attracts. And the best part is, its what makes you feel good, that attracts abundance. So let your creative juices flow. I love the peacock feathers in my centerpiece. The colors in the centerpiece balance the rest of my earthy living room , making it one beautiful place to sit and have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine!

A Home that Heals

The first thing that comes to our minds when we are not well, physically or psychologically, are doctors, shrinks, alternative medicines, masseuses etc etc etc. Have you ever thought about the fact, that your home can actually heal you? Its both amazing and empowering to know that all you really have to do to feel better is, make your living surroundings or home better.

Let me start by telling you a small story. One beautiful Fall afternoon, a few years ago, I got a text from Marissa (named changed for privacy). She had recently had a hip surgery that did not go well. Her body was not able to handle the pressure of the surgery and medication, topped with the fact that she lived alone. There was no one in her family apart from a son, who had also separated his way. Long story short, she reached out to me for desperate help. When we first met at her home, I realized that she was not feeding her mind the right food via her senses. Her house seemed cluttered and damp. We worked on her home and specifically health section, which soon lifted up her spirits and she started enjoying being home. The home was balanced with the right elements according to her Kua number. We made adjustments on her relationship section which brought love back in her life. We used intensive color therapy in her love and health sections of her home. Today she is a fully healed woman, living with someone who deeply cares for her.

This is literally what your home can do to you. Nothing less, nothing more! It can heal you in unimaginable ways. It can bring love back in your life, it can make you healthy and fit, it can make you prosperous, or even attract a job you desire. The possibilities are endless. One of my favorite success story is of a couple that was trying to have a baby for years and Feng Shui came to their rescue too. When I first met Sally and Bruce( names changed), they both started to cry at their initial consult with me. Today they are blessed with a son who is 3 and a daughter who just turned one! Voila!

So the question is…How does this happen? How do you get what you want from life, by simply hiring a Feng Shui consultant? How do you heal from aches and pains by simply making adjustments in your home? How do you get money back from people who owe you, just by moving furniture and placing some plants in your home? How does all this sync together? What is the magic behind it?

The magic is simple. Our senses feed off of our environment. We recreate in our lives what we see around us. There is no rocket science here. Feng Shui as a part of Pseudosciences has already proved that we train our senses to believe what we see. For time immemorial, the dictum, seeing is believing, has made an impression on us. Our Feng Shui environment sends subtle signals to our mind, whether about health, wellness or relationships, and makes it believe that we have that. Universe and intention follow up naturally and we get what we want.

Now this is extremely powerful and done right by a person who has the knowledge, it can create a ripple effect of energy and power in your life. I strongly advocate not consulting too many books or people at the same time. If there is any place the saying ” too many cooks spoil the broth” holds true, its Feng Shui!

Your home must be your paradise. You should want to come back to your home at the end of the day. And a huge part of this comes from balancing your home with the five elements, wood, water, air, earth and fire. A balanced home is welcoming and nurturing. Keeping your home clutter free and inviting the energy of sun into the home makes wonders happen. One of my favorite home rituals is giving your home a name. Treat it like a person, love it, keep it clean and healthy. I am often caught telling my clients, not to confuse your home energy about where you eat or sleep. Its not uncommon to sometimes eat on the bed, or sleep on the couch. I do not recommend that. You are confusing the Chi of your home by doing this. The time when people eat in bed, is the time when they are sick, so eating on the bed is easily equated with ill health. If you are used to working on the dining table, a place were you should gather with family for food and conversations, the silent message delivered here is, work is coming in the way of your family. It is interesting to ponder over these things and see how much can just be adjusted or corrected by honoring the spaces in your home and doing what they are meant for.

Before I put an end to this chapter here, let me share a secret with you. The secret of intention. Each time an adjustment is made, feed it with your intention. I do the same with myself and all my clients. And when I know that the client struggles with this part, I place one of my Feng Shui paintings in their space, so their mind is constantly fed by the intentions, color and shapes in the paintings, in making their dreams a reality, creating a home that truly heals!

-Kanika Babal

The Face of Front!

The Face of Front!

One thing I love about Minnesota is that we get into the spirit of seasons and celebrations that come with it. With the pumpkin season around and Halloween on the anvil, its beautiful to see the homes decorated with the Fall decor. It is common to decorate our homes in the inside, but how many times do we consciously think about beautifying our front doors?

The front door, or main door, of a house, is very important in Feng Shui. The house gets its nourishment, through the front door. The stronger, healthier, and more balanced the front door is, the better the quality of energy available for those who live in the house. Adding strength to your front door can be as simple as ensuring a clear path to the door or repainting it a more auspicious color. As a general goal, your front door should be as inviting, welcoming, and attractive as possible.

I am a huge fan of a small garden in the front of the front door, but sometimes it is non conducive. What we can however do, is make our front door more inviting and attractive. 

  • Having an obstructive energy to the front door is detrimental. Lack of  free flow there, literally equates with lack of luck knocking on our doors. I love the Hindu tradition of always keeping the front door clean and decorating it with some sort of garland. Its a traditional Hindu practice, equivalent of honoring Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth. In Feng Shui too, the analogy is not any different.
  • Make sure that the front door opens fully and easily and that there is nothing placed in-front of the door obstructing its natural motion. No rusty door knobs, no weathered Christmas wreaths. Showing love and respect for your front door helps attract a positive energy towards your home. The luck is bountiful.
  • Front and Back door Alignment can be a challenge, since the positive Chi coming in through the front door can quickly escape out the back door. To correct this, put plants on the way or help cover the floor with rugs, to slow down the Chi from moving out. Placing furniture in between can also be a good idea.
  • Mirror facing the front door is never a good idea. The positive Chi that enters through the front door can quickly be reflected right back.
  • Lastly, use season appropriate decor to or any decor to honor your front door. Changing the decor often is a way of telling your Front door that you are willing to invest time and energy in its beautification, which in turn is a great message for the positive Chi coming in. Remember what we take care of, grows. So invite the positive energy into your home.

Sometimes just giving your door a different color can also spice up things. Different schools of though advocate different colors, but I personally feel, go with your instincts and gut and your Higher Self decide what really appeals to your spirit. It can be red, green, brown or just plain white, as my home.

Kanika Babal

Feng Shui your Home this Diwali!

I love Diwali, our Hindu festival of lights, since its meaning is so synonymous to Feng Shui. Cleaning of our homes, getting rid of clutter, bringing in the fragrance of fresh flowers in the household are all great Feng Shui tips that every Hindu household does every year on Diwali. If we go about comparing different sciences of different nationalities, we would come to the conclusion that they all have almost the same ideologies and relevance and Feng Shui has lots to offer when it comes to Diwali- our festival of lights!
Make this Diwali truly prosperous with these Feng Shui Tips:

Donate everything that either does not bring happiness to you, or does not serve a purpose in your household


Diwali is a festival of giving as much as receiving. This Diwali, make a conscious effort to donate everything that you have not used in the last 6 months or more, clothes, toys, utensils, furniture pieces…whatever

comes to your mind!

Light Candles at home

Not just on Diwali, but every evening at dusk. Light a nice fragrant candle in your kitchen area to create abundance and to thank your guides and angels for growth in household produce. I personally do this every evening for a few hours.

 I love the candles from Bath and Body works and they calm my senses and gives the whole house a very positive vibe. Lemon is uplifting while Sage and Mint are great for clearing the mind.

Chinese Pagoda

Bring good luck to your business by placing a Chinese pagoda in the knowledge area( ask a consultant) of your house. Pagodas are powerful and bring in abundance of wealth. Great way to honor Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth in Hindu Mythology.

Fresh Flowers

Having fresh flowers in home is not only appealing to our senses but is also a great Feng Shui tip. Purple Flowers signify abundance in wealth.


This Diwali, gift yourself a fish or two or more. Fish are a great significance of evil eye and absorb all the bad energy from home and office spaces. Keep the fish tank to the left of your front door, as you face to leave the house.

Burn Palo Santo or Sage

In the spirit of the fact that Diwali is in part a celebration of the triumph of good over evil cleansing your home of any negative energy that has accumulated over time is a suitable strategy.You can cleanse the energy of your home by burning sage or sandalwood.Make sure to walk slowly around your home and allow the burning aroma to seep into each corner and crevice.Since Diwali also indicates the New Year on certain Hindi calendars this process should assist in helping you purify the energy in your home so that you can embark on the new year with a positive start. Smudging herbs like Sage or the holy wood, like Palo Santo is also great for Space clearing of any stagnant energy.

Color Therapy for home

This Diwali bring in some vibrant and auspicious colors in your spaces that will not only enhance the look of your home but also bring in Feng Shui powers. Red is great for relationships while Yellow is great for health. For the month of Oct I will be offering Color Therapies for Home as a Free special to my consultations.

Make this Diwali a soulful one!

Kanika Babal