I am an ardent heavy weight lifter, and last year suffered a horrible back injury, due to dead lifting! After a few sessions of adjustment and some mind body clearing, I happily said goodbye to my back pain. This made me wonder, how sport injuries can be different than chronic aches and how Feng Shui can fix this. But before we get to the remedy its important to know where its stemming from.

Chronic Back Pain (unrelated to sport injuries) is related to spiritual command and support, an overwhelmed spirit that the person doesn’t want to recognize. Low-back is the place of spiritual strength and power. Sometimes it could be that a person feels that there is a lack of some kind of support. What he needs, in most cases, is emotional support. Chronic low-back pain happens when a man feels disappointment in his professional career or with sex. Pain shows that that person has a desire to make certain actions but there are circumstances that create obstacles. It could be that that person is longing for a spiritual retreat because he wants to postpone or escape from a certain situation. When there is pain, it means that the person carries something that cannot be tolerated or endured; and the stronger the pain, the harder for him to move away from the burden– it could be fear, guilt or antipathy. A trembling will without realization creates wrong spirit-soul command that causes low-back pain.

Lise Bourbeau writes that if you have pain in the low-back, it means that the person values his own freedom the most; and he is afraid that he can lose his ability to move freely if others need his help. It could be that the person is afraid of death. It could be fear of poverty or lack of confidence, or lack of support. Low-back is connected with money, material things, partner, home, children, career, etc. Pain gives a message that he wants to have something to feel more confident but is afraid to recognize it himself, or to others. And as a result he has to do it all by himself, by putting a lot of pressure and burden on his own back. This person is very active on the physical level, because he is afraid of poverty and assumes that well-being, happiness and prosperity depends mostly from material success. He doesn’t like to accept others’ help.

How can Feng Shui help?

Well, apart from clearly understanding what really is happening, and after addressing our mental clutter, one needs to address and seriously address the physical clutter in ones life. It literally weighs on our backs! While down with my own back pain, I realized I needed the balance in my home. It was almost intuitive. Feng Shui works by balancing the natural energy elements: earth, fire, water, wind, and metal. When in balance, it is believed that an individual will experience harmony. Fundamental to this optimized flow of energy within a person’s environment is the yin and yang elements.The yin-yang constitutes opposing forces, which need to be balanced to maintain overall health and prevent illnesses.

At times when you are feeling grumpy, fatigued, painful and just generally ‘low’, Feng Shui would prescribe a healthy dose of ‘positive energizers’ to rouse your spirit.

Natural white light is imperative. But also natural light from sun can do wonders. Open up your windows and let the freshness of outside flow into your home and office. Let go of the stale energy and bring in the positive Chi.

Bathroom doors must always be closed and the toilet seat must always be left covered after use. I also highly recommend putting unpopped corn on top of the toilet tank. Hugely Feng Shui-ish and a completely different article, that I would leave for the next time.

And lastly, smile and be happy. Help someone in need or make someones day. Karmic effects play a huge role in aches and pains and staying happy is a great message to send out to the universe!