Living rooms have always been an integral and important part of any home – be it an apartment or an independent house – and that’s because living room is the only place in your home where most of the social and family gatherings happen.
Furthermore, this place – the living room – is where you spend most of your leisure time with your family, doing activities such as chatting, watching TV or discussions and much more. Hence this space becomes an importent aspect of your life and Feng shui!

A good living room must be clutter free and well ventilated. The room must be able to relax you. Personally for me, my living room is minimalistic (see pictures). It helps me declutter my mind when I sit in this space with a cup of tea!

Color plays an important role in living rooms. And it can be any color from earth to bright to pastel. Anything that vibes with your soul. But keep in mind it must be comfortable for the visitors since this space is a “guest space”.

My couch overlooks the windows in my backyard. Windows must ideally never be covered with the back of the couch. Living room is also a great place to display things that hold importance for you in your life. A center piece brings in all the attention and could be as creative as my peacock feather center piece or something simple as a candle! This is one thing that can be changed as often as you like, so play with it! It’s also good to put a small bowl of crystals and coins for prosperity in the center.

Enjoy your living room and make it a space of calm!