Sometimes the reason why you’re not getting any sleep might be that mirror you have in your bedroom, yes! Mirrors create a constant bouncing of energies, very similar to a constant movement. The best object to have in front of your bed, are calming images, art or plaques.

Avoid mirrors next to your bed. If your mirror is facing you when sleeping, this attracts a thirdperson to your relationship. (Remember, anything that a mirror reflects, it will double that.)

Everyone wants to take a look a themselves before heading out, but if you have a mirror that can be moved, place it in your closet, this way no energies are bouncing around in the bedroom.

If there is no way you can remove the mirror, then your best solution is to cover the mirror in the bedroom!

Mirrors can make or break homes…literally. people can find a lot of unrest in homes with inappropriate placement of mirrors. And similarly, your prosperity can grow manifold with just the correct placement of mirrors. Here are a few places in the house I recommend having mirrors:

  • on top of gas stoves, if the stove faces a wall. 
  • to extend the missing pieces of a home( consult an expert to know where you might have those)
  • at the bottom of a staircase

Here are some mirror guidelines:

  • Mirrors must never reflect clutter or another mirror. 
  • Broken mirrors must be immediately discarded
  • A mirror showing a broken image of a person is not good. 
  • A mirror that does not clearly reflect is also not good.

Throw your questions here about questions on mirror placement in your home!