Intuitive Feng Shui in practice means learning to center ourselves, while creating healthy, sustainable environments that evoke free flowing energy, harmony and personal empowerment. Heaven and Earth offers a powerful process of transformative healing via Feng Shui, whether to prevent conflict or to resolve it!


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What Our Clients Say…

“I would highly recommend Kanika as a Feng Shui consultant. She exceeded all of our expectations. Having worked with other Feng Shui consultants in the past I can tell that she comes from a place of knowledge, perfection and clarity. I hired her to Feng Shui my career and office. Ever since she made the modifications in color and placement of objects things have changed dramatically, for the better!

My Visa got extended to work in the US and I got an interview call from a wellreputed local company( I had been working out of state for over a year and it was becoming very frustrating).

Kanika also performed the auspicious Feng Shui Home Purification ceremony in my home to clear the space with sound and sage. I was not physically present during this ceremony(my wife was) but felt the effects of it miles away. There was an instant flush of energy and a sense of calmness for me! The energy was powerful.”

-Rajesh Annamraju

” I cannot thank Kanika enough for all the insight and knowledge. Feng shui has been a blessing in my life. I connected with Kanika, who helped me make my home so light and feeling great. I also used her package “Re Center yourself” and was mind blown with the effects there off. I have suffered both mentally and physically, and with the healing techniques of sounds, sage, clearing of Chakras and the wonderful centering techniques that Kanika applied in the session have had far fetched results. I feel everyone must take advantage of what this technique has to offer to us”

-Diane Delong

How can I ever thank you??!!

I was searching for someone to help me break the negative cycles that had trapped me for years, using Feng Shui. Kanika exuded warmth, wisdom and an uncanny ability to analyze everything that was going wrong with my life and how to fix them.
Her compassion and honesty helped me understand what I was doing wrong, gave me the courage to change my attitude and take control of my life in a positive way. Her Feng Shui recommendations made my home look ten times bigger and more beautiful! After my appointment which she called therapy sessions, I feel true clarity about how to improve my life in the personal and professional levels. I feel the negative thought patterns, the clutter in my mind and in my house have been swept away along with the ADHD that overshadowed my life”

Thanks Heaven and Earth Feng Shui

-Vrashali Goel

“Kanika’s advice has been so profound, relevant and personalized. We invited her to come to our home to assess health issues that my mother had been going through. With a few changes and the wonderful Feng Shui ceremonies that she performed, not only did our house feel wonderful, but also within a few months, my mom’s health regained and she was out of the vicious cycle of steroids. She literally had tears in her eyes when she last spoke with her doctor! Kanika and her work has truly been a blessing in our lives and we have thus recommended her to multiple friends and family, all of whom have wonderful things to say about her. Thanks for applying the ancient Chinese wisdom to our home!”

– Stephanie Smith

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